A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Wow. Its been a long and worthwhile week. Some highlights:
  • Two days of AdventureWorks Facilitation Training at Crief Hills (including a high ropes course).
  • Friday night in Toronto with friends and collegues
  • Full day Anti-Racism Workshop on Saturday that really impacted my view of power and privilege and allowed me to see how systematic Racism is in Canada (and "the North")
  • Sunday brunch with duhbigman and then hanging out a bit after at the library. (You know what they say about people you check your e-mail with at the first meeting... or.. wait, that's another thing.. nevermind).
  • Saw S.N. Goenka speak. WOW. Very convincing lecture. A friend who was attending Goenka's full day meditation course invited me to attend and I think now that if I'd missed the chance to see him I would have regretted it later. I am going to take a 10-day Vipassana course as soon as I can. Perhaps even when I am in Asia in the Fall/Spring.
  • Saw 13 Conversations about One Thing and really really enjoyed it. Much better than anything else I've seen recently.
  • Ate lots of vegan and vegetarian food (multiple places on Dundas W).
  • Worked, worked, worked, worked... and played a lil bit.
And now I'm back home and super tired. Can't believe I've been AFK for almost a week. So many friend's posts to read... I'm overwhelmed. Might take a while. Wish me luck.
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