A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Don't get to the computer as often as I'd like.

Here's the lastest news:
  • breau is amazing. I was expecting her to totally freak out or never speak to me again... but she's really understanding where I am coming from. Thanks muchly! You rock girl! :)
  • I am coming home the second week of March cuz I have an awesome job interview (that I don't want to talk too much about because I don't want to jinx myself but it could mean living a few years in one place for a change, namely Montreal, QC).
  • We've just had a few day visit from Alexandre (Sacha) Trudeau who is working on a film about "Malaria" and who also happens to be a member of the CWY Board of Directors. Glad to have met him. He's an interesting guy.
  • 35 degree Celcius weather most days. We're told El Nino is keeping winter at bay.
  • Toured some local hill tribe villages, really made me feel a bit queasy. Human zoo's for tourists would be a polite way of describing it.

So I promise to write more soon. I'm sending postcards to people this week who've sent me their addresses. Hoping someone has sent me mail for Christmas -- that's my big dream. Last year I got a stack of nine or ten letters on Christmas morning... the only day I ever received more than one letter the whole time I was here. But it totally made my day! :)
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