A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

him: is it bad to call the cops on some old folks being indecent in my parking lot?
me: LOL what are they doing? having sex?
him: something like that
me: umm.. well how annoying is it? I mean, does it really affect you?
him: no but this can't be a habit
me: what do you mean?
me: it's one in the morning, maybe they think they have privacy?
him: it's a private parking lot ... not exactly the type of behaviour I would expect of trespassers
me: yeah, but who are they hurting?
him: I don't want them to make this "their spot"
me: again.. why? stop looking out your window. it's not like it really does anything to you.
him: it did when they were hitting the horn
me: LOL.
me: crazy.
me: okay. call the cops if you want. shrug. I wouldn't bother but if its buggin you.
him: still they'll learn to avoid this place
him: this is one of the few places with private parking in a very parkingspot deprived area
him: my other friend suggests taking a picture
me: LOL. webcam them into webpr0n? I dunno.
him: maybe I should just take the garbage out
him: I went out and took the license plate
him: they didn't seem to notice
him: this is really bugging me
me: well then call the cops if it is really bugging you that much
him: I would prefer not to call the cops but I do want them to leave
him: maybe I should set off my car alarm
me: car alarm at 1am. .your neighbours will love it
him: I would blame it on the trespassers :)
me: you're really worked up about this huh?
me: you're sure they aren't guest of someone?
him: they're not a guest
him: they're parked illegally
him: maybe this is the capitalist Rob kicking in but somehow I see this as an assult on my investment in my condo
me: LOL
him: home ownership makes people crazy
him: I wonder if he'll get her off
him: she's obviously working on him
me: here's me, giving away as many books as i can free.. and here's you, all upset over "trespassers"
him: I donate all my stuff :)
him: books, clothes, furniture, etc
me: well consider this a donation of your parking lot
me: you're serving a need
him: I'd rather not serve that type of need :)
me: what, you're anti sex now?
him: they should go up the street to another parking lot
him: anti-sex in my parking lot :)
me: you sound like you're getting old Rob.
him: I was about to go to bed but now I'm getting worked up
me: as if you haven't had sex in a parking lot :P
him: I haven't
me: I am sure you never thought about "trespassing" when you've fooled around in public places
me: Mr. Rideau Centre.
him: again that was discreet, no one around and not under someone's window :)
him: they aren't being very discreet
me: its one in the morning. I think they are assuming that you're asleep.
him: and any rate I'll hang around for a bit for the humour factor
him: they're locked in the lot right now
me: how's that?
him: it's a gated lot
me: so how did they get in?
him: it was open when they got in
me: why was it open then but not now?
him: I closed it :)
me: LOL
him: hey they can have their fun
me: why was it open tho? somone forgot?
him: they're here all night, or at least their car is
him: they came in the one way exit
him: the entrance was closed
me: so you closed the exit? did you have to go out to do that?
him: yeah
me: hilarious. and they didnt notice?
him: I went out to close it and take their license plate
him: that gate is around the corner
me: hilarious. anyhow. if you call the police, how can the cops get in?
me: and how old are these "old folks" ?
him: the other gate is closed but not locked
him: 60s
me: ah man. let them have their fun
him: they can have their fun
me: you're just a bit cruel thassall.
me: :)
him: nah, just protective of my property
me: yeah. american style.
him: even at my rental I was protective
him: first you let the lovers in, then come the clubbers and then you don't have any parking left
me: I am so at the other end of the extreme (being a person of no fixed address myself)
me: I just wish you could really hear how you sound!
him: I know how I sound that's why I haven't called the police
him: but I think it's fair to teach them a lesson
me: maybe you should reflect on what lesson YOU can learn?!?
me: or ask yourself why this bothers you so much
me: in the scheme of things, its rather mundane.
him: I'm about to find out if they belong here
him: they're "done"
him: muhahahaha!
him: nope they don't belong here
me: are they freaking at the closed gate??
him: yep
him: I'm going to let them off the hook and go down there
him: I've had my fun
me: what are you going to say?
him: hey who knew, they were guests!
him: I heard the phone ringing in a condo nextdoor
him: too funny
him: ah well at least they'll have to explain why they're still here an hour after they left
me: so you were all worked up over nothing really.
him: yes and no ... still not appropriate for guests
him: plus they came in separate cars ... I wonder if this is a "side" relationship
him: very curious
him: wish I had the license plate of the other car
me: you are such a prude.
him: nah, now I'm curious if this was an illicit relationship
me: hey were you around that time in Kingston, the guy called sex with sue to ask about a STD, and then said he couldn't call the local clinic cuz his gf was the secretary?
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