A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

I hate to write it down because it feels like I might jinx it... but things are starting to get a whole lot better. I think by the new year I will know for sure what direction I am headed for the next year and have some real projects of my own on the go. I think by next summer I should be really "set-up" with respect to finances, and by the following spring, wiredthisway and I will be able to do a little vacationing/travelling in Thailand.

(but shhhhhhh... don't ask any question yet, because until all the puzzle pieces fit into place, I don't wanna spoil this dream).

Anyhow, I have found my new "light at the end of the tunnel" -- and that's real important. I had just over a week of total funk and despair because I thought I was completely in the dark.

I'll send a real newsy gossipy update by e-mail later this week and fill in the gaps.
Miss you all.
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