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So yesterday I call to cancel my phone line x 2 and sympatico account as of June 8th (the day the project here ends). Come home later that I can't log on. So I go to (where a tech support has sent me in the past) and ADSL still active, but can't connect to the internet. The error message says there is a problem with the password. This is 8pm. I call tech support.

Tech guy #1: Sorry, we can do nothing, your account is blocked by the business office. You need to call back after 8am. It looks like you called today and cancelled your account.
Me: No, I did call today, but it should be cancelled June 8th. Uncancel it!
TG1: I can't do that. You need to talk to someone in the business office!
Me: But I need access in order to work!
TG1: Try dial-up *proceeds to set it up with me*
Then he asks me to use the same non-working password so, umm.. no dice!
During the conversation the line drops.
Call back. Tech guy #2: There is nothing wrong with your account, it is active.
Me: Well I can't make it work! Can you reset my password? It seems to be related to that.
TG2: Let me check something ... *puts me on hold* *line disconnects*
Tech girl #1: Oh yes, I understand you're very frustrated. You should give them hell tomorrow when you call the business office, its obviously their error. There is nothing I can do == But I will write a note in your 'ticket' to tell them off.
Me: Can't you reset my password?
Tech girl #1: I don't have permission until its cleared by the business office.

The above is a condensed version of 2.5 hours of discussion on the phone .. before I finally gave up and decided to call back after 8am. I guess I thought if I whined enough they'd figure out a way to help me.

This morning. 8am. I call the business office:

BusinessGuy#1: Oh, sorry, you're talking to the Bell business office -- let me transfer you to the Sympatico Business office.
* 15 minutes on hold *
BusinessGuy#2: Oh, your linecard has been pulled. Sorry, nothing I can do. Obviously it was pulled in error but it will take 3-5 business days to reconnect.
Me: Ummm.. it took you like, no time yesterday to disconnect it, so how does it take you 3-5 days to reconnect it?
BusinessGuy#2: blah blah blah and it will be 3-5 business days sorry.
Me: I think you're lying. I think you just don't know what's really wrong. I want my DSL back NOW NOW NOW! Can't you just try reseting my password?
BusinessGuy#2: This has nothing to do with your password. There is nothing I can do. I am sorry you're frustrated. I don't know what happened but it will be 3-5 business days ....
Me: Let me speak to your supervisor!
*hold 10 minutes*
Supervisor1: Hi, I've heard you're frustrated. But I've looked into the situation and it seems that your account was actually cancelled by collections.
Me: No, the account is not in arrear. I think its a password situation. The error message says the password is the problem.
Supervisor1: Well my screen is telling me that collections has blocked the password.
Me: So the 'line card has not been pulled'?
Supervisor1: BusinessGuy#2 didn't have all the information.
Me: What can you do for me?
Supervisor1: You'll have to talk to collections.
Me: How about you get collections on the line and all three of us will talk together and resolve this right now!
Supervisor1: I can't do that.
Me: I am tired of being told what you can't do. Please put someone on the phone who CAN do something for me. Do you have a supervisor? Can I talk to your supervisor?
* put on hold 10 minutes *
Supervisor2: I've had your situation explained to me, I spoke to someone in collections. Obviously your account is not in arrears and there has been some error on our part.
Me: BINGO. The ERROR is on YOUR part now please reconnect my DSL and reset my password!
Supervisor2: I need to check some things. This may take a day to process.
Me: You're telling me that somehow something that you fucked up yesterday in moments is going to take a day to fix? Is everyone completely incompetent there? Is there no way that anyone can reconnect me? As far as I can tell the DSL is still active and this is just a matter of resetting my password!
Supervisor2: It's more complicated.
*clock: 8:55am*
Me: Listen, I have a meeting to go to in 10 minutes. I am very pissed off. I want this resolved. Is there a number that I can call you back directly and we can deal with this when I return?
Supervisor2: *gives me number* When will you be calling back?
Me: When do you go for lunch? How about I call back about 5 minutes before and distrupt your day!
Supervisor2: Umm... wait a minute.. try your account now, is it reactivated?
Me: Oh. Wow. That was really simple.
Supervisor2: It was just a matter of resetting your password.

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