A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

anne-marie is a dancer with a degree from the northern school of contemporary dance
anne-marie is a consultant with the one umbrella team based in our rapidly growing melbourne office *** ooer, I have an umbrella team?!? ***
anne-marie is the founder of sun power yoga
anne-marie is a msc in environmental sciences of uqam where she worked on socio
anne-marie is an accomplished guitar player and can also be heard frequently in solo acoustic settings *** umm ... giggle, maybe one day! If wiredthisway doesn't give up on me ***
anne-marie is interested in kde documentation
anne-marie is an entrepreneur who has owned and managed a computer store and restaurants as well as successfully completing several publishing projects
anne-marie is a natural born teacher
anne-marie is a visiting researcher at berkeley in the auditory perception lab
anne-marie is dol op regen en wind *** Hrm?!!? -- a Dutch translator yields: anne-marie is enraged by rain and wind***
anne-marie is de laatste tijd hard gegroeid *** and for this: the same Dutch translator yields: anne-marie has grown rapidly this last time***
anne-marie is now seriously into nursery rhymes *** How seriously can anyone get into nursery rhymes? ***
anne-marie is a member of injuries australia
anne-marie is the second of seven children
anne-marie is clearly our most improved player
anne-marie is the author of the owner's manual for your entrepreneurial spirit
anne-marie is expelled
anne-marie is in charge of payroll for the library's faculty
anne-marie is active as an educator and has taught in the drama and speech & commmunication department at the university of waterloo since 1993
anne-marie is onlangs overleden More Dutch, anne-marie must be a popular Dutch name... translation: anne-marie has recently died ***
anne-marie is *** This one is my favourite ***
anne-marie is a very important person in alain's life and also for his career
anne-marie is one of the nicest people i've ever met
anne-marie is swept off her feet by a shining nfl quarterback **** Oooo, when?!?! ***
anne-marie is sadly missed by her parents michelle and marc and her little sister chantale age 3
anne-marie is a good friend of member miles rapkin
anne-marie is a keen traveller
anne-marie is available for hotel visits only *** eeek! ***
anne-marie is a little shy

Thanks to starshapedworld I now know much more about who I am!
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