A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

So what do I believe? I've been asked that outright by a few people who think I am being really too harsh in my criticism of Americans/the first world. I don't tend to classify myself with any particular political/religious/social group. I don't hold any creeds or codes of conduct that I can quote here to help you catagorize who I am. But I can tell you basically what I believe:

I believe that we are all learners and educators.
I believe that we are dynamic. We change and grow throughout our lives.
I believe that nothing is absolutely right or wrong, that your perspective colours everything you do or say.
I believe that we need to negotiate a way to respect all societies and empower them to suceed (even those societies that are counter to our own set of beliefs/values/morals).
I believe that learning happens when we are confronted with ideas/views/people/events that challenge our perception of "norm".
I strive to facilitate opportunities in my life for engagement with issues.
I believe there are "teachable moments" and "learning opportunities" in everything we do.
I believe that we should question and challenge everything.

That's basically where I'm at in life... its why I work where I do and it impacts my entire lifestyle.
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