A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

This is why I am confused. I tell myself I am over you. Then a few nights ago, you came over, and you didn't leave. I knew when you walked me home that I wanted you to stay. I knew when you stared endlessly at my walls that you wanted to stay too. And you did. And when I asked you why you said: "Does there need to be a reason?" Does there? When you had something to show me and you searched everywhere to find me it made me feel great. When I stopped to see you and you wrapped your arms around me I flew. But I've started to cry again. And this time I know why the tears are here. I cry because I know why and how I feel when you touch me. I cry because I know you don't. I cry because that makes me wonder why. I cry because I can't believe that you respect me. I cry because I pretend I do. I want to stop crying, but I know that means I need to stop loving you. It would be so much easier if loving you and loving myself weren't contradictions.
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