A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Because I don't think I can keep saved things in moby.com I am going to :clip n save: them here too...

umopapisdn:It only bugs me because I too can be excessively verbose at times.. but can someone please make Moby aware that onomatopoeia is not spelled onomotapoeia?

Danger:Spelling Nazi! ;b

umopapisdn:Its the one little itch that was interfering with my Moby-Crush ... one of those annoyingly ongoing itches, that you know you shouldn't scratch... cuz when you do... someone will call you a nazi! :P

Danger:Which of course I reply, "y'know if you keeping scratching that it's never going to heal".

umopapisdn:Because of course, seeping open wounds are my "best" feature...
I'm working up a whole whackload of them to help escalate my Moby-Crush into a Moby-Intimate-Meet-n-Greet

Ikari:I'd rather have a crush on CreepyDave
No offense to Mobes intended, though he does look rather sharp in red.

umopapisdn:The Moby-Crush was acquired quite recently whilst I visited Victoria, BC. I saw (in passing, in a restaurant window) the Mighty Mo on a tv cooking show ... I thought "What an attractive guy..." and then stopped to listen a bit and realized it was in fact he.
I admit.. it started as a purely physical thing... but in the past few weeks I kept stumbling on more and more Mo'moments.. and it led me eventually to reading his "updates".. and now the Moby-Crush is quite solidified.

I wonder if he'd be offended to know that it has nothing at all to do with his musical talent (which I won't dispute... just a fellows occupation has very little to do with the sorts of fantasies I keep envisioning)
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