A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

An E-mail convo 'tween my friend Phil in Montreal and I

Phil>hey impending birthday girl (bet you appreciate being referred to as a girl
Quick give me an address where I can mail you a little something something for your bday, you nomad you.

me>208-17 Church St. Orangeville, ON L9W 3Y8
I have some thai gak for you too.. some way crazy candies, a notebook by the fav. Korean character of the moment "Sodami" and some other stuff..
I'll post them to you later this week if I get a chance (I meant to give them to you in person, but it doesn't seem for sure that I will get to see you before you leave for Italy).
I don't mind being called girl. I am not _that_ much of a feminist, weirdo.

Phil>well i'm going out for drinks tonight, So i'll wish you happy bday in advance in case i go on another weekend bender.
I you give me you number I'll give you a little birthday shout.

me>That's a pretty long bender... considering that my birthday is JUNE 11..
heh heh. you goof!

Phil>Boy do I feel silly (and only slightly hung over).

Well I'm certainly prepared for your birthday, I have your card and was about to mail it until I decided to check my email for your phone #.
At least my card wouldn't have been late.
I assume your cell # is still active.

me>I've noticed you want my birthday to be two or three times a year. I don't mind the extra attention, but that's a hell of a way to age! :)

Phil>still haven't found anything for your bday yet, is there anything you'd like... bagels maybe

What a hilarious boiiiie, and I'm going to be in Montreal for my birthday too!
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