A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

I forgot to say that Marnie and I went to see Blue Rodeo in Ottawa for her birthday (with some other friends) and I took some pics with the new camera. I'll post some soon, but I've made two new userpics from two of them.

We had a really great time. Although it was a bit of a piss off that so many people had those silly collapsing chairs and so there was no room to dance. Even the band mentioned how weird it felt to play to a bunch of people all sitting in lawnchairs.

The whole night was really good in the karma department tho. I went to the show with no ticket, and then standing at the end of a really long line this guy came right up to me and offered me his ticket at cost... so we didn't all have to wait. And then, when we went in, we made a beeline for one section and found some friends there with a blanket already spread out for us. Total needle in a haystack odds kind of find. Great night!
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