A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Okay... ever say to yourself, hey, I should read so-and-so's LJ right from the start... and then discover that so-and-so posts EVERY SINGLE DAY?!?!? What's with that. Now its after 3am and I'm still in Mid-January of this year. Gah.

I don't like to be a quitter.. but I'm an experienced procrastinator.. so instead of giving up, I'll just ... um... read the rest when I get-around-to-it. *smirk*

(Not that the actual reading of so-and-so's journal was a chore, I mean, I did get so engrossed that I didn't notice the time... I had this urge to respond to soooo many of the posts, but I think responding to things written last year is a little ridiculously out of date... and semi-stalkerish ... so I restrained myself... even in cases where I was literally laughing so hard I thought I'd burst!)
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