A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

When I got to Durham today to visit some host families, I found out that Ian Lennox (the son of one family which hosted two participants last year on their sheep farm) had died on Thursday. He was driving a tractor and in an accident he was crushed under it. He was fifteen years old.

I went to the funeral home to visit his parents. There was a wall of snapshots of Ian doing all sorts of things ... from baby pictures, to his most recent school photo. In among them was a picture of Kak (the Thai) and Constantin (the Canadian) -- participants from last year's exchange -- standing with Ian outside their farmhouse. I started to get teary. When I got to the front of the line (which was around the block almost when I first arrived) and saw Grace she grabbed me in a big hug and started sobbing uncontrollably. I hadn't seen her since last November. We've been playing phone tag since I returned to Durham in May. Of course I started crying too. I told her I'd seen the picture that was out front with the boys in it. She explained that Ian had done a school project to make a portfolio of "Things that are important to me" and he'd included the picture and written about his experience with Canada World Youth. Grace said he really valued the time he'd spent with both teens. Ian is survived by five siblings: Thomas (age 14), Justine (age 9), Jay (age 7), Anna (age 4), and Natalee (age 3). The funeral is tomorrow morning in Hanover.
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