A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Just back from Watershed .. saw The Watchmen, Great Big Sea and The Tragically Hip. It rocked... literally. First outdoor concert I've been to in ages that was dry. No beer for sale at all... not even in a restricted area. There was pop, water and coffee. And suprisingly, the drinks were only $1. The food wasn't too overpriced either.

There was a very cute guy near us for most of the third set. I was sort of checking him out from the side of my eye. He was a good dancer. He seemed to be either separated from his friends or else there by himself. Then I read his t-shirt. It was the "Alesse" logo. That's it. Weird for me to see a guy wearing a t-shirt that is an adverstisement for a brand-name of birth-control pills.

A seemed to really enjoy herself. I hope we can go see another concert before she and I head to Thailand. She really liked the Hip. In fact she told me she "L O V E D" them! :) I really loved seeing The Watchmen live. Never really seen them in a video, didn't know they had such good stage presence. And Great Big Sea are always a rush. Can't get me enough of Mary Mack. Makes me miss Kingston and Gerry O'Kane at the Welly.

I am going to try to get to Kingston soon. Maybe I'll see if Gerry's still singing.
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