A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

From Moby.com "Moby Journal"
ok, i've decided that once every few months i will answer the 'is moby gay/bi/straight/etc?' question.
but i will answer in the most entertaining way that i can. for the truth (i'm straight) is pretty tedious.
and yes, as a public figure i realized long ago that i sacrificed any right to preserve my privacy. would i really post journal entries everyday if i were too concerned with issues of privacy?
oh, we (a friend and i) invented a new word today. see, we feel that a weak point in the english language is the lack of an antonym for 'aphrodisiac'.
so we put forward 'apathadisiac' (someone or something that inspires complete sexual apathy) and 'pathosadisiac' ( someone or something that tries to turn you on but just makes you depressed.).
too much time on our hands, yes, it's true.
tonight, though, i feel pathososexual. i feel like sex and romance more often than not just tend to make people sad and upset.
i'll probably feel better in the morning. but right now sex and romance seem like institutions that create more sadness than they alleviate.
sorry to leave on a depressing note. but that's how i feel tonight.
ok, off to japan.

Somehow I find this a little too close to how I've been feeling lately. Sad sad sad, no?
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