A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

10 Ways A Men's Personal Ad Will Say: "If Fat Need Not Respond!"
(Cut & Pasted from Real Ads!)

1. Looking for a woman who takes care of herself.
2. She should be between 5foot2 and 5foot6 and weight 90-120lbs.
3. Thin and beautiful.
4. Althetic.
5. Sporty.
6. Physically attractive. Slim.
7. Healthy lifestyle a must.
8. Active and into sports.
9. Slim and attractive preferred.
10. (And my absolute favourite!) Fatties need not respond!

Of course, I'm not super serious about replying to personal ads because I'm really only trying to meet some local people to chill with. But I've started to skip over the ads where people use the above language.

Another thing that's on my mind but not connected... if someone says "I need to be careful who I say [this] to because someone who offends easily could take it the wrong way..." I start to wonder why really you'd want to keep repeating something (even to a select group of non-offended folk) that other people have responded negatively to? I mean, if its offensive or exclusive or whatever-ist and your worried.. JUST STOP SAYING IT, huh?
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