A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Has anyone got any of the real mail I have sent them? Not that I am complaining (I am a bit!) that nobody has sent me any mail... I guess I just compare with last Christmas/New Year's and the wealth of mail I received... this year I got a card from Dave at VAM (cool guy, sweet friend to have) and a card from my Aunt Jen (family doesn't count as much tho somehow!) and a letter from breau which rocked because she's always sticker crazy... but all three came ages ago and none post Christmas... and I am practically a pagan and I don't celebrate any faith or specific holiday but I have this deep inner NEED for mail mail mail mail mail mail mail and more mail!

*fuss fuss whine whine*

(okay, sorry... I'll stop!)

Miss you all. :)
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