A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Kaufman stoned:"Gee man, I wonder what's between the floors man. Wouldn't it be _insane_ if there were inbetween floors? You know.. like shoe sizes, 7 and a half. And what if the floor was half the height??? You could step off an elevator and into this other place. no... oh wait... what if there wasn't just inbetween floors... but there were like ... in between minds... like... these portals between people... yeah man, that's it. You could step out of your brain and into someone else's"

"Shit man, you're really tripping. Next thing you know you'll be smearing yourself in embryonic fluid and popping out in a ditch off the New Jersey turn pike."

"That could work too... now can you pass me another toke?"
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