A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

1* You're so vain. I bet you think this line is about you! (j.k.) :P I'm so incredibly happy that we're friends. Thank you for all your caring and support over the past couple years.

2* Even though I think it would be twisted for you to be in my group, I hope we meet while you're in Katimavik. Hey, if I go through training with your Project Leader, I might even get some good dirt you could blackmail him/her with!

3* We barely cross paths on-line anymore, but from reading your LJ, it looks like things are happy in your world. We should get together when I go to Manhatten in August.

4* WHERE ARE YOU? You never post anymore. You never call anymore. Do I need to rally some sleigh dogs and knock on some igloos?

5* Even your darkest posts are little rays of sunshine in my world :)

6* Two for one: love you, love her, love that you're together. May it always be this good!

7* Did I ever tell you I bought Fluevogs and I think of you every single time I wear them? I miss being local to you.

8* I hope that the boy you're dreaming about wakes up in your arms ASAP.

9* How come I have still never got a CD from you huh? huh? Mix me something Mr. DJ!

10* Don't recall how or why you came to my list (or I came to yours) but I am glad you're here and I appreciate your affirmations

11* If you make me wear something stupid to your wedding, I'm not coming. *pffft*

12* Hey, guess what? We have the same hair style (or lack thereof) right now!

13* I had this fairly erotic dream about librarians recently and you were in it *blush*

14* Are you still writing that 'zine? If so, I wanna subscription!!!

15* Often your LJ has me in that about-to-spew-drink-outta-my-nose or about-to-piddle-on-the-floor kinda laughter, thank you.

16* When I think of together, cool, successful, I think of you.

17* My sister is supposed to ask you to come fix our network sometime, if you do, I'll take you out for dinner or something... I'd love to catch up. It's been forever!

18* When I get over my fear and really start writing again, I hope that it makes even one person feel as challenged/motivated/compelled as reading your writing does for me.

19* You have the coolest icons by far.

20* We were newbies together. Imagine that. (Not that we're geezers now, but it has been a long road travelled, no?)
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