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So I just wanted to order a printer. And since I am not at home, I wanted it to be sent HERE. But sheeeeeeesh they make you jump through more flaming hoops then its worth.

Here's the complaint letter I just sent (my shooting off my mouth to blow off some steam). I am not sure now that I re-read it that it even says what I meant, but I am just too annoyed right now. Gah.

From: ajhenry@xxxxx
Date: 20 Jun 07:58 (PDT)
To: service@xxxxx
Subject: Policy inquiry re: Alternate Shipping Address

I wanted to document with you the reason why I feel compelled to discontinue business with Futureshop.ca.

I placed an order on-line on June 18. I requested that my order be sent to an alternate address (not the billing address) as I work contracts away from home, and need the merchandise to arrive to where I am, not where I live.

I promptly received an order confirmation by e-mail, which I appreciate. Then, the next day I received an e-mail stating that my order would be cancelled if I did not call to confirm the shipping address within five days. The e-mail was a follow up to a call made to my home address (which I, being away from home, did not receive).

I received the e-mail after business hours yesterday, so I called to follow-up this morning.

The first woman I spoke with regarding the shipping address (LoriLeigh I believe), told me that she required me to call from the phone number that is listed in my billing information. Again, as I am not at home, that is not possible.

She explained that if I wanted to receive the merchandise, I would have to call TCRS and have them add my local (shipping) phone number to my credit card. I was not comfortable with that because 1) I don't live here and 2) I don't want to have to call and change the number back later (it wastes my time!)

So I did call TCRS and they added my cellular number to the file so that when I am away from home I can use that number to confirm shipping. Carla at TCRS was very helpful.

I called back to the 1-800 number that FS provided with me regarding shipping. This time I spoke with Leslie. She informed me that the verification would have to be redone, but no she could not do it while I was on the phone because they have a procedure.

Overall, all three staff with whom I spoke were polite and very helpful. Unfortunately they could not help me any further.

I asked Leslie if I could speak with a supervisor but she did not allow it. She claimed: "There is no one here who can do anything else to help you."

What I wanted was an opportunity to voice my concerns about the above procedure to someone who might be able to effect change on policy. Leslie did not allow me to speak with anyone else.

She did promise to put my verification ahead in the queue and get right on it.

I feel very lucky that Carla suggested that I could add my cellular number to my file. Imagine a case where I did not have a cell phone. I work short contracts and chose to order online in order to 1) save time, and 2) access futureshop in an area (North Bay) that does not have a futureshop store. The process you have for verifying shipping addresses truly does nothing to save me any time at all. Without a cellphone, it would require me, before ordering on-line, to call TCRS and update my local phone information. That takes time, and then I'd still have to be present at that phone (my contract work is community development related so I am almost never "at home") to receive the verifying call.

There must be an easier way to do this. I understand that you require a certain level of security (as do your customers). And I don't disagree that phoning to confirm the billing/shipping address is a good way to provide that. However, there is no other organization that I deal with the requires me to be at a certain phone number to make the call. Perhaps, you can set up (as Mastercard, Bell Canada, numerous other companies also concerned with security do) a code word or pass number so that when a person calls to confirm, you can verify their addresses, their date of birth, the pass number and know who they are.

That's my reccomendation.

With as much hassle as it is to place an order with futureshop.ca which goes anywhere but the billing address, you can rest assured that I will not be making any future orders with futureshop.ca unless I am ordering something directly to the billing address. It's too much of a frustration, and today it has taken up too much of my valuable time.

I expect that it has also delayed the arrival of the merchandise considerably. In the future I will shop elsewhere.

Thank you for providing this opportunity to express my complaint, as it seemed impossible to do so through telephone.

Anne-marie Henry
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