A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

I gaked this from someone I don't know named Laura. But it made me giggle, so I thought I'd paste it here. Some cool prize for whomever really takes the time to fill it out!

[x] umopapisdn is __.
[x] If I were alone in a room with umopapisdn, I would __.
[x] I think umopapisdn should __.
[x] umopapisdn needs __.
[x] umopapisdn needs to be ___.
[x] I want to __ umopapisdn.
[x] Someday umopapisdn will __.
[x] umopapisdn reminds me of __.
[x] Without umopapisdn, __.
[x] Memories of umopapisdn are __.
[x] umopapisdn can be __.
[x] I would describe meeting umopapisdn as __.
[x] Worst thing about umopapisdn is __.
[x] Best thing about umopapisdn is __.
[x] I am __ with umopapisdn .
[x] umopapisdn will be __.
[x] I want umopapisdn to be ___.
[x] I would like to be umopapisdn or be with umopapisdn because ____.
[x] umopapisdn gets __.
[x] umopapisdn wants to get __.
[x] umopapisdn is to __ : as : peanut butter is to jelly.
[x] umopapisdn loves __.
[x] umopapisdn loathes __.
[x] umopapisdn thinks __ and __ are sexy!!!
[x] umopapisdn wants __ as a boyfriend!
[x] umopapisdn loves ___ music.
[x] umopapisdn wants to go to a ___ for the first time.
[x] umopapisdn likes __ on the weekend.
[x] umopapisdn likes to __ for fun.
[x] One of umopapisdn's strengths is __.
[x] One of umopapisdn's weaknesses is ___.
[x] umopapisdn lives for __ and __.
[x] umopapisdn likes ___ ice cream.
[x] umopapisdn likes ___ movies.
[x] umopapisdn's favorite film is ____.
[x] umopapisdn's wants to meet __.
[x] umopapisdn wants to fuck ___.
[x] umopapisdn 's favorite show is ___.
[x] umopapisdn's favorite character on THE UNDERGRADS is ___.
[x] If umopapisdn were your gf or bestest friend what would you do with her and for her?
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