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Who You Are

You have a dazzling personality You're a natural leader. You're smart, insightful, and willing to fight for what you believe in. From what everyone can see, you have your act together. Inside, you're driven by a vision of your future and the search to find love and a sense of "balance" in your life. You live a very ordered and busy life since you're always juggling your career, family and friends, and your involvement in community or social causes. Still, despite being pulled from multiple directions, you're ready and able at this point in your life to experience romance and a powerful "spark" with someone special. Sounds about right to me.

What's dating all about to you?
Finding a loving relationship is a mission for you. You have clear goals and even a timeline in mind. Falling in love is an especially magical experience. You're suddenly free from the rules and thinking that guide your life. You usually keep your feelings and life under control. But remember, the bigger the dam, the bigger the flood when it breaks! Nah, not me. Timelines? schmruh-uh

You face two major challenges in finding the love of your life. First, because your mind is so busy making sure you say and do the right things on dates, it's hard for your deeper and caring self to come through. It feels risky to share this part of yourself. Second, although having a vision of what you want can be helpful, the risk is that your high standards and rush to find the perfect man can get in the way of loving a real-life imperfect man. Eeeep. No wonder.

How unique is your type? Your personality profile is similar to a number of women your age. Looking at over 10,000 women who have taken the test, about 31.7% (or 1 in 3 women) have very similar beliefs, values, and habits. Of course, the way these qualities are expressed in you is what makes you so unique.

Quirks men notice Like all women, you have your strengths as well as your quirks and shortcomings. Ultimately, you want to find someone who will love and accept you "warts and all." Though you have lots of friends, it's important to have at least one person in your life who understands.

  • At times you can get so caught up in a conversation that you talk more (and louder) than most people. BINGO! That's me
  • At times you can become so focused on ideas, plans for the future, or a new project that you lose track of the day to day details of life (like doing laundry, balancing your checkbook, or even eating). Not so much.
  • You have such a positive attitude that at times your upbeat mood may irritate those who think you're "too happy" or aren't taking problems seriously. Yes. People tell me its annoying how optimistic I can be.

    Do men like your type? Notice that 78% of men are generally attracted to your personality type. 18% say they are VERY attracted. With the millions of people on Match.com, that translates into lots of potential matches. Woo hoo! Lots of possible matches for me!

    Who You're Looking For

    He'll be an enigma You're looking for a very balanced man. He'll have clear goals in life and dreams he hopes to pursue. He's not always the most practical or realistic thinker, but his passion and excitement about his ideas are contagious. He also manages to balance a clear rational side with a more compassionate and caring side. He manages to enjoy one-on-one times as well as getting together with his larger network of friends. He'll constantly be juggling things in his life but will still find a place for you. Sound too good to be true? Men who are truly balanced like this are rare, but they do exist and would be an excellent fit for you.

    You don't expect your partner to be in a good mood all the time. You understand that sometimes your partner will be down, get pessimistic or worry too much. These days are balanced by the many good days the two of you will share. In fact, you share a number of positive qualities, including:

  • He has his eye on the future and has big goals and dreams for what he wants out of life. I like how it says "number of positive qualities" but can only list one.

    Number of men your type Men with the exact type of personality you prefer are rare gems. Looking at over 10,000 men who have taken this test, only 7% (or 1 in 14 men) have the exact combination of similarities and contrasts in personality you find extremely appealing. See? I am too damned picky! 7% is not so many!

    Opposites sometimes attract You want to share your life with someone who has the same values, goals, and style you have. Research has shown that couples who have more in common tend to stay together longer. Still, sometimes differences can help create a "spark" and excitement about each other. Part of you wants to be more like him, or at least have his unique style in your life. He could be good for you in many ways:

  • Since he struggles at times with his own moods, he can be very compassionate when you're feeling down or worried.

    Quirks you can tolerate The truth is that everyone is potentially "high maintenance." We all have our quirks and shortcomings. The key to long-term harmony is finding a man who can tolerate (or maybe even enjoy) your "quirks," or the little personal oddities that make you unique. You seem okay with several common quirks that might come along with your "ideal" man:

  • On days when his mind is clouded by sadness or worries, you're willing to offer extra support and patience.
  • You can enjoy his enthusiasm for new ideas without taking his plans, which are often unrealistic, too seriously.

    Downside of your "ideal" In addition to his quirks, your "ideal" personality type may have other qualities that are more frustrating or challenging to deal with. Under stress, his quirks can become serious "flaws." But remember, these quirks are the "flip side of the coin," or the extreme end of qualities you otherwise find appealing. So, be prepared if:

  • His dark, moody side can be mysterious and alluring at first. However, over time you may feel it brings down your own mood and outlook.

    Deal breakers You seem ready to adapt to the good and frustrating qualities of the men you're looking for, but there are types of men you clearly do NOT like. Men's habits and attitudes you'd have a hard time putting up with include:

  • Your responses suggest that you are pretty accepting and tolerant of shortcomings. No major personality "deal breakers" or reasons to rule out potential dates were identified.


    Romantic sex Good sex is important to you, but it's only one of many ways you connect with your partner. To you, life is about finding balance, and a romantic and satisfying sex life is a key part of your vision. I'd like to think that sex is more important to me than this... but I might be kidding myself!

    Is he sexually compatible?You're looking for someone just like you, who values the quality of sex over the quantity. You want someone who would never pressure you about sex.

    What's ahead for you sexually? A good sexual match plays a key role in your "ideal" relationship. If you can bring your natural creativity and imagination to the bedroom, your sex life will never be boring. It may be so good and seem so natural that you'll be shocked when sexual miscommunication or lack of interest occurs. You're prone to worry and read a lot into situations. Don't panic! You're very intuitive, so you're especially sensitive to bumps in the road. Fortunately, you also bring good problem solving skills and rational thinking to the relationship. A good man will understand your need for reassurance and may be willing to meet you half way sexually. What does this mean? I'll be a good date for someone who's impotent? *puzzled look*
    I'd say that in most cases the results are representative of who I am. If you'd like to take this test, you can do it at this link.
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