A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

It's strange. The more I post. The less people comment. It's making me self-concious.

I've now officially become addicted to Book Crossings which I discovered thanks to neschek. I've released two books into the North Bay wilderness and I'll release a passel more when I get back to Brampton. It's my goal to release a book a week from now on.

I just created pad thai out of very non-pad thai ingredients (shredded cukes instead of bean sprouts, broad egg noodles rather than rice noodles, red onions instead of spring onions)... but its still yummy. I'm thinking I'll spend the afternoon out in the sun by the lake, maybe swim, and then come back here and work work work the evening away.

North bay definately makes me lonely. I'm really glad I'm only here for a few weeks and not a few months.
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