A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

So a friend and I were talking, and she invented this new "diet plan," and I think it makes a lot of sense, so even though I'm not on a weight loss kick, I am going to try it, just to see if it yields any results.

The premise is, that you simply eliminate your three comfort foods, or foods that you crave most, or the foods you feel you overeat.

So for me, I'm choosing: Cheese, Chocolate and Chips.

You basically keep eating everything else that you normally do, but when you would eat any of the three things you choose, you just don't eat. You drink a glass of water, or if (like cheese for me) its a topping, you just eat the item without that topping.

She says, do it for three months, and you'll have noticed difference. So I am going to try. Although, I'm not the best "guinea pig" for this plan because I don't weigh myself / take measurements as a rule. I find it makes me get really self-critical and I don't like that.

But if my clothes are looser in 3 months I'll know. :)

Question: If you were going to try this "diet plan," what would your three things be?
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