A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Oh yeah, after having a really low low week of poor sleep and rather lonely days today I woke up really really happy and full of energy.

I'm keyed up to see Matt and Alex and Raph and Mila (four of my participants from the last Thai program) and to hang out with them in Toronto, and to go to the Metallica concert, and to stay downtown at the Holiday Inn after and all that...

But I think the happiness is more because my sister has all moved in to her new apartment and got things all set up... and finally broken up with her not-so-wonderful boyfriend, and seems to be really doing okay. I try not to worry about her, but I just do, and sometimes I don't even admit I am losing sleep over worrying until the worry stops.

Now I am just worrying about how to find leucosia some moola.. but I think there's gotta be some somewhere for her, so its not losing sleep worry... just brain storm searchy kind of worry. :)
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