A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Well the last two weeks have been busy, but also lonely. I've been living full time in a house that will soon have 11 participants in it, but which right now only has me...

plus no tv, no computer... so I've been very excited to receive so many phone calls (which have kept my evenings from being suicidally boring)! Thanks guys!!!

Christmas is going to be interesting this year. Still haven't got my schedule nailed down, but looks like I'll be heading to St. Catharines a bit, and then to Montreal for New Years.

*sigh* Haven't seen (except for about 5 mins last weekend) or talked to (barely at all... only when I've called him) my sortof-sweetie since sheeeesh... late last month. Not sure wassup with that. I'm feeling blue about it that's for sure. *shrug* I'd like to think that its just that we're both super busy. But a phone call (or two) would be nice. I think maybe I've jumped the gun again with respect to my feelings... why is it that I am always falling so far and so hard so fast for guys who aren't ready to step off a bus, let alone a cliff?

Mmmmmm... good thing is that my mom is coming to visit. That's going to be fun fun fun. I miss her. Miss all you guys too. Sorry I've been so scarce on-line lately. I'll be back up and running (computer at home again) as of the 22nd. Look for me! :)
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