A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Okay, so the game thingie is just too damned fun. So I tried it with a bunch of people on my list. Too bad it only works for paid accounts and early adopters. Anyhow, here's a few fun ones.

robont yielded:
Apparently I know bra.
Speaking of doodes telling him he was up
make it: all time I should throw in the Strip it.
Like sigh, Survivor Girls in, skimpy outfits
which also made for this is what a it bottom line.
Wait. I was up.

kisama gave:
I find that nap would I was in of it
is not betray we'll talk they made
or the recruiter will be unable to celebrate.
Juan Camargo of birth, training, married to
and remind my starter. Something very useful for all time
(with tomorrow: I'll be).
Disobey your asshole car to
disagree with Security Forces
patrolling the feasibility of your asshole tonight.
Give you come see me I need to die out
I don't miss you!

breau is my favourite:
He's going on the inside the inside
the weirdest thing in our asses out there;
Too hard work all goes to sleep in a beer
and other some Kilkenny in.
And it's still don't party in tee hee;
DRAMA; Krall, Barenaked Ladies, Sarah Harmer
and I learned is coming to join: a raging success.
What I'm going on the easy way to meet you
don't even though a All that Box down. It's disgusting!
Sigh today: ugh.
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