A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

A cool e-mail sent to me today by someone who's name I don't recognize, but for some reason I decided to read it rather than slush pile it, and its fun, no?

Not even going to LJ cut it, you'll just have to scroll if you're not in the mood to read, so there!

Emancipation of Creation

:begin communique:

This is a call to all the empaths, artists, lovers,
dreamers, seekers, be'ers, and everybody elses who
wants a world that celebrates open endless expression.

Brampton needs something. Something big. I propose a
grand underground art festival. not like any other
underground art festival to take place in some dingy
club or some over priced theatre hall, but a true
festival in the streets - celebrating our lives and
our dreams and our visions through art. any art.
paint, scribbles, photography, sound manipulation,
guerrilla theatre, poetic terrorism, intellectual
debate, culinary arts, anything! - just life coming
back and sharing in a public space for everyone.

Throughout now until [deadline missing], take part in
the creation of expression. just get out in the streets
and take your tools and skills with you (if you so desire
to utilize tools and skills).

hell i cant write these big inspiring emails (hell,
its an email!) to get people to get out in the streets
to just create, but thats what the gist of it is. get
out in the streets and take some chalk to the walls,
glue to the bus shelters and guitars to the library
and cause a scene in the name of expression. we can do
this. it isnt totally illegal to express yourself yet,
so lets use this to propel a transformation of this
city into an even more beautiful place - just let
yourself soar, and tear down or build up anything that
is way of dreams.

please forward widely to anyone, anything, any group
any soul in the brampton area (hell even folks in
other places that could use some artistic expression)
and lets propell this.

really folks, these are our lives. lets make them

- end communique -
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