A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Okay, anyone else seen a movie lately that has a little guilt trip re: piracy at the beginning. Is it only me that's incredibly amused? I mean, since when is the set designer paid in relation to how many movies sell. I'm pretty sure that a set designer is a unionized employee paid by the hour, no? So how exactly does piracy hurt him MORE than the producers (who's profit, I believe, is directly tied to the number of movies that sell). Okay, I get that in the long run, if movies don't make money, then they'll be less movies made. But since when is it that movies don't make money? Looks to me like DVD sales are pretty damned good right now, and theatres still seem pretty packed to me, and those box office numbers in the millions don't seem to be getting too much smaller.

So enough with the guilt trip already. Besides, its been ages since I've pirated a movie.
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