A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Tonight at our weekly house meeting, the shai-hullud (the group's name for house managers -- comes from Dune) chose to make the "check-in" activity a closed appreciation for others in the group. Basically, each person drew a name from a hat, and then for 3 minutes, wrote down positive aspects of that person. Then, you passed your paper to the left and a second person would write about that person (you would write about a second person).

Then that second person would read aloud the list of positive aspects. It was really difficult for me (because I was super tired) to come up for good things to say about the two participants I was given to write about. When the list written about me got read aloud, I felt mega-guilty because I hadn't invested as much effort. :(

But, to share, two participants in my group wrote:

Anne-marie is good to talk to. She is a good listener. She is willing to go our of her way to help people. Anne-marie is caring. She is a person that knows a lot and is willing to share her knowledge. Anne-marie will tell you how it is.

Anne-marie is motivating. She speaks real words. She applies relativity / uses consideration. Anne-marie keeps her word better than most people I have met. She is reliable and intelligent. She has a strong heart and a kind soul. She can share happiness. She is open. She practices self-improvement. She wants happiness for people around her. She is sharing, trusting, empathetic and generous.

So yeah, okay, maybe they're kissing up a bit. But it felt really nice to hear those things said about me. And sure, we didn't do lists of challenging aspects of our personalities for balance. But all in all, it made me feel special tonight.
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