A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Yeah I know, sporadic updating is my norm now.

Let's see, julip came to visit last weekend, was so great to see her. I am happy that she's going back west because it seems like the best call for her, but I am going to miss her muchly. We saw The Secret Lives of Dentists and I wasn't so happy with the ending (Don't I always want more?) but overall, great flick. Go!

Oh, and the day before that I had supper with Sjors. I still need to get out and see him in PEI one day soon. Flights are cheap. Maybe May? I dunno. I need to just do it. But I always find excuses.

I am betting my aunt Klare is more than a little peeved that I cancelled going out West last minute. I just didn't have the energy/time off/finances/fill in any other excuse here. But more over, I really wanted to be at the farm.

So, I spent this whole week (almost) at the farm. Fiona came too on Monday and that was really nice. Its fun to spend time with her outside of work space.

I know I am going to be so homesick for this place next week. I am really looking forward to spending time here full-time starting this summer. wiredthisway and I might co-own a car. I haven't decided 100% yet, wanna check out how much insurance is going to run, but yeah, looks like a possibility.

Borrowing the fourth season of "Sex in the City" to watch this week. Except I've never seen an episode, so I hope the first three season's aren't a pre-requisite. Likely, I'll love it and then just have to go back and watch them all too.

Got some more ink. Including my word. Opted in the end for 75 pt Serif. Plane-jane but clear and crisp too. It's centered on my chest. I'll post a pic eventually. Want it to heal before I photograph it for Ms. Jackson. I saw julip's word too. Very chic. Funny that my sister noted that together K. and I make steak sauce.

I've been sick with the flu these past two days. Annoying. I hate being sick away from my own bed. But I guess if it had to be anywhere, this is more home than not.

I am going to work this week on creating a more serious vision statement / proposal for the project I'd like to create for myself this summer. I am dreaming up a kind of youth centre. And it really looks like this new project that some local people are putting together to acquire space for an art centre might opportune me space as well. Its tres exiciting and highly likely.

I better get to sleep. Early start tomorrow to meet my fam for brunch. But parting from the farm gets harder every time. It sounds cheesy but this really is my little piece of heaven.
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