A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Its strange to think that its the year 2001. I realized how little I actually felt the transition from one millenium to the next. Not that I was expecting fire and noise or a super huge parade or something... I guess I just expected to some how feel 'different.'

My new group arrives tomorrow. There's been a lot of time since my last group left (Aug 16)... and so I am getting all excited. Although, its a crazy lifestyle once they get here. So don't say I didn't warn you if I fall off the face of the real world for a while, and immerse myself in Katima-life. *think: It's not a cult, it's not a cult* *smirk*

I did something this past week that I thought was brave, but that I'm now feeling intensely stupid about. I'm not one for second guessing my emotions, and I believe in being honest, fully and completly with those you love... but sometimes I think I go overboard. The more I think about it, where my heart is involved, sanity is truly lacking. *sigh*

I've been visiting resort again the past few days. Connected with some old friends, met a couple new people. Funny how interesting people come into our lives sometimes exactly at the right time to fill a little empty space... keep us from diving head first into loneliness.

Not that I'm complaining about being alone. Because I'm surronded by really great people. People who love me and take care of me on so many levels. I really am happy. And in a general sense, I'm satisified with my life. But there's this little itchy spot that I can't quite reach to scratch and it constantly reminds me that life can be so much more complex and yet so much more fulfilling when you're sharing a common path with someone. I miss not being single. :)

Alright, enough blah blah blah. I seriously need a hair cut and seeing as today's my last 'day off' for about 2 weeks... I better just go do it.

Later 'gators!
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