A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Apparently my dad got married today. Heard from my mom, who heard from my sister. But nothing from my dad to annouce it. Not that I have left any doors (or windows or anything else) open for communication. So what more should I expect. She's actually five years older than I. So the same age difference as my sister is younger than I. When my dad was 20, she was 2. He had graduated high school and dropped out of University before she was even born. Anyhow, apparently he's happy, so I guess c'est la vie. I am still very angry with him. Not about anything he is doing now though.

I put a call in Friday to the Employee Assistance Program. I am trying to set up some counselling. A lot of things from my past have been playing with my head and heart this past couple weeks. I want someone professional to help me sift through them. I would like to learn to let my anger go. Not necessarily to forgive and forget, but to truly severe and move on. We'll see.
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