A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

The past week and a bit has been an emotional roller coaster but I think I've got things back in check.

I had my first counselling session yesterday. I doubt I'll be starting a long term relationship with this woman, but in the short term, it gives me some "just me" focus time and I like that idea.

Went to get groceries, and the check-out girl that I normally chat with has invited me out on Saturday night. New friends are always a plus.

Hope to make it into the city next week to go out with some past participants. Went to Brampton last night to visit my mom. Wasn't the best. She and I grate on eachother lately. Not sure why but its just happening. Of course, my step-dad is always a challenge to enjoy. Having my sister there made things tolerable. I am so excited now about her baby coming. I can't wait to become an aunt.

There is a lot more stuff going on that I would love to fill you all in about, but I just don't have the focus or energy to do a lot of writing.

One good thing was that I had an online conversation with D. that was really good. I was a bit aprehensive that maybe in ending my friendship with breau I would also be ending my relationship with any of the people who I met through her. But thankfully, D. doesn't see it that way. D. and I are not close, and we rarely hang out, but we often have really great on-line chats and she's been very supportive when I've gone through some really rough shit... so I appreciate knowing that we're still friends. She's probably going to go back to school in the fall, which I think will be a really great new start for her.
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