A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Because I haven't done one of these things in a while, here we go:

For each member of your friends list, what do you appreciate about him/her?

absolution writes in a way I'd love to emulate.
soundofwater is someone I'd like to meet someday. I appreciate his sly wit.
antemeridian knew nothing about me, and excepted me as a friend. I'm sorry that her dream has become a nightmare of late, but expect that eventually she'll find balance again and excel at whatever she chooses to pursue.
artguy and I rarely cross paths anymore, but I appreciate his sense of humour and envy his profession.
bruiseblue is a remarkable woman. We've had our ups and downs but I appreciate that she lives her life honestly and with integrity.
chandos is beautiful and I appreciate her sincerity.
wyliekat amuses me with the candid way she shares her life and views of the world.
cobalt420 used to chat more frequently. Even though we've drifted, I appreciate being able to shoulder surf her life.
djenigma and I haven't really talked in ages. But I don't know many people who love as truly and deeply as he does.
duhbigman is very creative and has a fascination for the grotesque that I find admirable.
dumbfool is someone who I no longer recall when/why I started to read, but who seems very "real" to me.
embryomystic is an incredibly interesting and very beautiful soul.
harvey introduced me to LJ in a phone call many, many moons ago. He continues to intrigue me.
hot2trotsky is sexy and fun. Not sure what's new in his world. He seems to have vanished.
jedi_waffle is funky and fun. I adore reading her posts.
judyth and I have only met once. But I remember that she had a passion for food that was quite similar to my own. She's also got an adorable laugh.
kadenza seems to be really straight-up and forward. I like that.
kisama is part of my ka-tet. He already knows why I love him.
littledevi is the epitome of modern woman. And she's more fun to read than Ms., BUST, and Bitch combined.
maniacaljonny would be crush worthy if I new him irl. yum.
mojavefive is best with double cream and sugar.
neschek and phyx ought to move to Guelph and be my neighbours so I can appreciate them first hand.
julip is familiar with all my raw gooey bits, and has not yet disowned me.
purplemanatee can sing Breakfast at Tiffany's like nobodies business.
reregirl can smile through any storm. She's kinder than kind.
robont is perfectly pervy.
sentio has hands larger than mine. I'd like to see him more often. He thinks about things in ways that make me smile inside.
shmanny lives a life I idealise, err.. I mean idolize. I am a huge fan.
sickboy has ink that makes me wish my own sleeve was finished, and writes in a way that's addictive to read.
whorlpool is the kind of guy I'd like to spend eternity with. His writing captivates me and pushes me to challenge my own points of entry.
wiredthisway is simply put: wonderful. There are a million other praises I could sing, but not in key. :)
zang knows I am a huge fan. I appreciate that through it all, even when he hardly knew me, he's been a true friend.
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