A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

A couple of my participants have started livejournals. I am not sure if I want to friend them. I think its a bit risky. Perhaps after they go to the next rotation. Not that I spend a lot of time debriefing Katimavik stuff in this space, but I am not sure I'd like all my past love schtuff, poetry etc to be read by my group.

Anyhow, skigzz and screaminkiddo are two cool kats in my katimahouse.

btw: skigzz leant me 'Ishmael' and 'The Story of B' (both by Daniel Quinn) and I highly recommend everyone give them a look-see. I'd like to say that they have the potential to change how you think, but perhaps its more like they're upfront about a lot of stuff we know but don't ever seem to admit to ourselves and they call a person to the table to start thinking about what one is willing to do to live in a more sustainable way.
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