A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

So one more departure. I've got seven know. But I think its the right seven and things will level from here.

I had a great day off yesterday. Went to the city to have supper with Mila & Alex (two past-CWYers from last year). We went to Bangkok Thai (right near the Bus Terminal) and ate a whole whack of Thai yum.

Then Alex drove me home (to my mom's in Brampton) and we had a chance to talk. Hopefully he's going to come play in Fergus sometimes soon. He's a cool kid. Makes me smile. When we got to the house, he got out and walked around to open my door. Very gentlemanlike -- except that his car door is broken so its very difficult to open from the inside! However, he impressed the hell outta my step-dad.

Talked to my mom last night. I was very open with her about everything that is on my mind. I talked with her about the fact that I am seeing a counsellor. Talked to her very directly about my anger toward my father and the roots that I am discovering. I wasn't expecting her to be as open to hearing the things I needed to say. So it was a very rewarding discussion for me.
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