A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

I love Montreal. And I love hanging out with l0pht1 even more. He is Mr. Montreal. The best possible host one could ever dream up.

I didn't get to his place until 1:30am (Fri night...er Saturday morning really). It was a long drive from Fergus, ON -- with a stop in Gananoque to drop of one of my participants, and a stop in Montreal Nord to drop off another.

Phil and I chatted a bit, caught up. Had a beer and some Scotch. Then we headed out to this cool little bar who's name I've forgotten. It has some bizarre taxidermy (if there are any Montrealers present, perhaps you know of it). There are all these Ostrich heads framed and posed from the walls. Each neck has a unique kink and each face has a unique expression. Then by the door there is a baby ostrich head, and over the bar there is one with a cool hat. I promptly named her 'Dame Ostrich' because for some reason she reminded me of Dame Judi Dench.

We met up there with Jason (Phil's room mate) and a friend of his who's name I've forgotten too -- perhaps Christoff. We had a couple drinks and stayed until closing. A really wasted Francophone chick came over and joined us. Any one of the guys could have taken her home, she was all over them. But by the end of it all she got put in a taxi.

We decided to go to Chinatown for some food. There are a surprising number of establishments still serving food at 4:30am. We had a great time. Then we headed home around 6am and crashed until 2:30pm on Saturday when we commenced our Anti-Valentine's Day.

We went out for a bite to eat at a cool little cafe. I had a Pannini with Salmon, Brie and Olives. Yum. Then we wandered a bit, dropped back some videos at La Boite Noire, browsed books and magazines at a place near there, I bought some cool cards to send various people.

Then as our first "official" Anti-Valentine's gaff, we wandered over to "Cinema L'Amour" to catch the 6pm show. It was called "Girl Talk." It was brutal. The whole experience left us a bit scandalized. When we first arrived there was a guy who gave us a tour, he showed us first the VIP/couples only section on the upper balcony. It was $30, and general admission was only $8. So even though he highly pushed the VIP, we chose the main floor. The reason for his push was soon evident. Most of the regulars are 40-70 year old men. Kind of gnarled and crusty looking guys that you'd rather not make eye contact with. And they sort of swarmed around us like buzzards. Perhaps they expected that Phil and I would provide a better show than what was on the screen. We left them sorely dissapointed. We didn't stay for even half of the three hour screening. It was just too terrible. The picture quality was sketchy and the acting lacking. Basically after the first girl-girl, girl-guy-oral, girl-guy-sex, girl-girl-guy sequence, we were bored to tears. When the repeat started we decided to bail.

We went to Le Pistol for a drink and a bite to eat. Too much porn made us hungry I guess. Then we wandered over to Cafe Campus to find out what time Kim Ho was playing. He's a friend of Phil's so we wanted to make sure to see his show. Then we went across the street to have another beer. I forget the name of the joint but its Happy Hour all day long which means two for one drinks. We had two beers for $5. Sleeman's Honey Brown in bottles. Good deal.

So after that we went back to Phil's to check messages and get changed. Had some more scotch to warm up, then headed back to the show. Kim was amazing. And so was Lisa (the keyboard/vocalist) in the band. The drinks were terrible though. I've never had such a poorly made gin&tonic. Flat tonic, nearly absent gin. And the Boreal Blonde was watery and flat too.

We stayed for one or two songs of the main band (Kim's band was opening) and they were okay but we were a bit bored (and frankly, there was too much lovey gooey Valentine's day stuff going on). So we headed off. We stopped at Le Pistol to see Trevor (one of the owner's) because Phil was hoping he'd have some passes for Tokoyo. I guess one of the girls there had told Phil they were being made to dress in a Moulin Rouge theme so we wanted to see what that translated into. But the passes were a no go. We ran into Sam Roberts' PR guy or something like that. Not sure exactly what the guys job was, but anyhow he went to school with Phil too. I think Dan (Sam's brother) is a co-owner of Le Pistol but from what I gathered he was in Costa Rica with three of the other co-owners, and only Trev was left behind to hold down the fort. We had some drinks and then headed to Blizzarts.

Blizzarts is always fun. Phil knows everyone there, from Rema at the door, who I never see wearing anything but stripes. I think its an obsession. To Helen the coat-check girl (who once got hot and heavy with Maestro Fresh Wes and will tell all if prompted), to a really cute waitress named Carolyn who is a lot of fun. Murad was around too, he's a dj but I don't think he was working. So we hung out and drank an insane amount. I remember at least two pints of Boreal Blonde, at least three gin & tonics, a shot of vodka lime but there might have been more. It was crazy.

This one girl named Michelle was going on about how Phil is the spitting image of Rivers from Weezer (I am not sure who that is). We left around 2:40 and went down the street to eat a couple slices of pizza, and then grabbed a cab home before the 3am rush. Got home and crashed and slept until 10am. Then I got up, had a quick shower, cofee and a bagel (prepared by Phil who, the gentleman that he is, got up to see me off even though he was super bagged). And then I headed back here.

So all in all it was about 14 hours of driving for about 33 hours of fun. Totally worth it.
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