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A couple people in my group are starting a D&D campaign and they've invited me to join. So far its been a really fun experience. I've been creating my character and since I want to be of two classes, my DM asked me to create a history for myself. Here's where I'm at:

Name: Caspian Aaron Silverthorne (Cass) (nb: yep, using friends cool sounding names in combination to name my character after my sister - wacked but fun!)

Sex: M
Age: 21
Race: Half-elf
Class: Cleric/Mage

Description: Fair skinned (close to transparent), no facial hair, red long wavy hair (often tied back with a leather band), striking silver eyes that turn to emerald green in moonlight. Long grey raglan with many pockets (for cool hidden magician trick stuff), well worn leather travelling boots.

History: My parents were of two rival families. The feud was centuries old and incredibly intense. When their love was discovered they were both slain. My nursemaid left me wrapped in cloth in a tree in the woods.

I was discovered by Atherlorn, a human magician and taken in as adopeted son/apprentice. His arts tended toward Illusion and Conjury. However, I had no natural talent. I worked incredibly hard and at last came to excel in "communication arts." My upbringing was in a completly loving and safe environment. I was only taught helping and positive spells. Never anything agressive toward another. I had a very naiave picture of the world. I had come in contact with very few people as Atherlorn lived as a nearly recluse in a place he called "the edge of the world."

When I reached age 15, Atherlorn died of natural causes (he was 207). Before dying he encouraged me to explore my roots. After burrying him, I set out on a quest to first explore my elf heritage. Taking only my cloak, my knife and a flint, I set off into the wilderness.

27 days out I see smoke from a cook fire and head in to introduce myself. I am brutally attacked by these bandits and left in a bloody muddy heap near a riverbed, half dead, feverish and mostly drowned.

For three days and three nights I come in and out of conciousness, with only one thought "Here and now is where I will die."

Then, I awake in a clearing. Cleaned, bandaged and fully clothed. I feel safe warm and a sense of peace I've never experienced before. I open my eyes to look into a beautiful face. I am shocked because the woman's eyes exactly mirror my own. I never seen silver eyes before, outside of the looking glass. Her beauty doesn't stop at her face. She has long flowing silver/white hair and gorgeous flowing robes.

"You belong to me now Caspian," she declares, then vanishes. I know in my core that my saviour is the goddess Ehlonna. I then and there give my whole life to her. I set out directly for a small monastery when I know her clerics train.

After five years of worship and study, I am sent by my teachers to share my faith. It is now my second year of ministry and in many ways I am no more worldly than when I first left Atherlorn's care.

(I rolled some high attributes -- I'm good with D6 that's why I like playing Risk):

Str 16, Dex 16, Con 18, Int 18, Wis 18, Cha 15

That's where I'm at. Any comments appreciated :)
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