A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

So I am miserably sick, which always seems to happen after an excursion with the group. I just wear myself out I guess. So skigzz and I are doing this "cleanse." It's an adaptation of a 6 day cleanse, but I am just doing it for 3 days -- we'll see after that if I have six days in me, but I doubt it.

It is good though because its not a fast. I still get to eat. And the portions are reasonable. But oh-my-gawd did I ever crave FAT last night. I had dreams of cheese and greasy fries.

But I have a whole day of meetings today and I am considering popping some no-cold-symptoms-for-a-coupla-hours drugs. Which I think would completly defeat the purpose of the cleanse, but would enable me to do my job. Decisions decisions.

I'll decide while I am in the shower.
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