A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Okay... how much do I love my group? Went to Ottawa yesterday morning for a meeting with my boss and the rest of my peers (Project Leaders from Ottawa and Cornwall) and my group knows that meetings make me a bit grouchy sometime. So, even though its their free time morning (and they have the option to basically sleep in until I return).. they all get up and CLEAN THE HOUSE, top to bottom, sparkle and shine.

I nearly had a heart attack when I walked in the front door!!! Everything done. Four people in the kitchen making bread (two of them not even house managers and therefore not even responsible for the cooking this week). I was flabbergasted ... but in a good way.

Really, I love them. I am going to wait at least until the end of their rotation before I pursue other career options.

I am so looking forward to seeing my sister in a couple weeks. I haven't talked to her recently cuz we're playing some bizarre game of phone tag (she doesn't have a phone so I've been calling her friends pagers and cell phones trying to harass them into getting her to call me!! :P) But I miss her like CRAZY. I wish she lived closer.

I am also heading to see Daniel. Will be the first time we've seen each other f2f in umm.. practically 4 years. Too long if you ask me! ;)

My mom came to see me this weekend. Actually, she had a DATE here in Ottawa. WOOOO hooo. Way to go mom. I hear rumours that my dad's been inquiring about how she's doing. The answer: A whole heck of a lot better than she ever was with him around.

It's not that I don't appreciate my father and what he gave me in life. I wouldn't be who I am without him that is for sure. But in the last few years we've grown apart and when he left, he basically severed any ties that remained. I'm grown up now. I don't have any need for him. If we were friends, I think we'd keep in touch. But he isn't the kind of person I'd choose to be friends with. So we're left with silence.

Silence is one of the weapons that wounds me the deepest. I don't think I have any save-vs-silence roll.

Talked to my friend Bruno the other night though. And it made me realize what a great place I am living in right now. Place in my head I mean. I am happy and feeling challenged by my work and waking up smiling. Single, independent and strong without being lonely, weepy or needy. Yay me!

Okay enough rambling. Got lots of work to do today. Hello to everyone I haven't talked to recently. I miss ICQ and I miss all you guys but I just don't have the time anymore (or the software installed on my computer). Love you tho!
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