A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

So screaminkiddo sent me the MOST RANDOM package. In fact, it was so random that I just couldn't figure it out :) Who the hell are Tania and Vincent? And is the Andrew stuff for the Andrew I know or some other random Andrew? Bizarre. But it made me giggle.

Thanks for the tea, the pick, the photos and the letter tho. No clue why you sent this receipt for eggs and margarine. Shoulda given it to Anny, $7.49 doesn't seem like much, but in katimabucks that's more than two day's pay. And skigzz's cheque which will forever remain uncashed because we all know that someday he'll be a megabigsuperstar and then I'll be so happy to have his autograph... oh wait, it wasn't signed... nevermind then :) :)

Miss you both muchly.
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