A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Today had a lot going on.

A good friend found out her transplant was postponned (again) SO BRUTAL. Her sister e-mailed me. I so wanted to get in touch the past few days (knowing she was in Toronto and going into the hospital) but I was super work busy and it all slid by so fast. So I missed talking to her, and now her sister suggests we (her friends) wait for her to contact us because she needs some space to deal with the news. I am so upset for her, and at the same time I wish I could just give her a call and hear her voice to know she's going to be okay.

On a much brighter note, Rachel is back from Thailand and this morning she walked into my kitchen and surprised me silly. She got a ride to Fergus with Jan and Cindy (two other project leaders) who are supercool and about to get married in four days! They met through Canada World Youth contracts. How cool is that? They just worked a contract together in Poland. And next year Jan is going to do the Thai program here in Fergus so I'll be able to come down and hang out with them.

Rachel is moving to Montreal, for the summer at least. But I think she really wants to settle down for a bit. I think she also wants to come spend a week or so at the farm over the summer. She and wiredthisway were participants together way back when. So it will be cool. She had a hard contract. A lot went on this year. She looks tired. But a summer in Montreal ought to cure her ails.

Rachel also brought warm wishes from Tik. I miss her so much. I really love that woman. I hope I get a chance to go see her in Thailand sometime soon. It's amazing to me how much talking about her today made me homesick for Thailand.

Tomorrow Alex is coming to visit. We'll have lunch together and hopefully he can check out the skate park with my participants who are around. Then I am going to pick up Ian in Listowel and head up to the farm for the night. Then Thurs afternoon/evening going to spend time with my sister and my niece. Exciting stuff.

All in all things are going good. But tonight I feel super tired. (And my new ink on my leg from last Thursday is semi-itchy -- totally annoying me today. It's just fill stuff below the seashell and connecting the two panels of the mermaid and the octopus. When I get things more cohesive I'll take photos and post them. But right now its just 2.5hours of junk (some coral, some rock shelf, a bit of seaweed, a bit of back ground water/colour). It needs about the same amount of time again to look pretty and blend the edges and fill the rest of the space... but I just had to ask him to stop. I am a wimp. He teases me that most people can take a 15 all day. But I get flinchy and squinchy after a couple hours. It seems everytime I go back, my tolerance has got less and less. At one point he wanted to "just do five more minutes of stuff" but I wouldn't let him, because his five minutes turn into half hours so easy. I just couldn't hack it. I was squirming and all nauseous feeling.

My best guestimate is 6-8 hours more total work to complete the lower-leg sleeve. It's pretty dense. Right now I've already invested between 12-14 hours. Most of those hours were when Wayne was in Owen Sound and the rate was $180/hr. But now that he's at Tora in Waterloo its only $80/hr so things should wrap up much more quickly.

Okay. Spew over. That's it for tonight. Peace out.
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