A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Two poems. Not sure from when. Just on a scrap and I want to get rid of the little pieces of paper in my life.

They tell me that beauty is skin deep
But then they look past my skin
Uncovering the burden of my plus size
Weighing my value in opposition
To the number on the scale
Measuring my worth by how little I consume
and how often I choose to sweat
So that even I make snide remarks at
The woman who faces me in the mirror.

Let's steal away somwhere
that nobody checks ID
that nobody knows our history
that judges never enter
that guilt never finds
Let's steal away somewhere
with open doors and open minds
with sunlight on our naked skin
with sweat between crisp cool sheets
with tangled embraces
Let's steal away somwhere
forever or just for tonight
for lustful adventures and loving kisses
forgetting the impossibility of it all
forgetting even our names
Let's steal away somewhere
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