A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

My mom always asks me strange questions. A few minutes ago, she asked me if wiredthisway has replaced Pete in my affections. I don't get her question exactly. One friendship never replaces another. That would assume that I have x amount of friendship to dole out and if you meet me at the wrong time you'd just have to wait in line.

Anyhow, I asked for more clarification and she feels that as long as she's known me I've always had one platonic male friend with whom I spend a lot of time and who I invest a lot of energy in doing things for. But with whom I never seek a romantic relationship. In her mind its my way of loving someone safely. I can see how she gets that idea, but it's not how I see it at all.

Of course I miss Pete and wish that things had gone another way so that I would still have that friendship. He was someone I thought I would know forever. But, that doesn't mean that I am trying to fill some void in my life since he is gone. And trying to put wiredthisway in his place, would frankly be like trying to fit a square shaped peg in a round hole.

Leave it to my mother to make me feel self-conscious about a friendship that basically until this moment I've been so secure in that I've never even stopped to really evaluate it. wiredthisway and I are just friends mom, that's it. No more specific labels are required. Love it or lump it.
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