A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Things are looking up. Its basically a given now that my sister has Schizophrenia... although, I'm told its a diagnosis of exclusion, so we shouldn't expect to have any kind of official diagnosis for a bit.

She's doing really well. It was great to spend the last week with her. And, after a brief weekend gettaway in Ottawa, I will be returning to her and embarking on an adventure to California.

She really misses her cat and wants her belongings and as she is "not allowed" to fly right now we're driving there and back.

She wants to stop and talk to my father on the way there. I really don't want to see him, as I feel I have nothing positive to say, but I will do anything to help bring her some closure on this whole experience so I've agreed.

This mess isn't about to end, and I am really glad I've taken time away from working to spend with her.

Thanks for everyone's warm wishes and hugs. They really do help. *hugs*
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