A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Ani was amazing (of course)... this whole weekend was really fun. I haven't had much time with wiredthisway lately, and this weekend really made up for it: playing guitar in the sunshine, watching movies, book store, pizza, spanokapita, korma (yeah, our relationship is founded on eating good food!), people watching, road tripping, and of course talking, talking, talking and talking. I miss our chats most when we're apart. I am exited and sad at the same time that he'll soon be off to Montreal.

I am at my sister's place today hanging out with my neice who turns one year old today. Wow time flies. I didn't sleep much last night so I am kind of grumpy, but I am also happy to be hanging out with such a sweet little bundle of joy. She amazes me. Walking all over the place already. And she has so many words and word-sounds already. She's on the verge of sentences.

Tomorrow I will hopefully see julip. And then head back up to Hanover with Kyla in tow. I don't start work again until next Tuesday so I am sure much more fun will ensue. I am convinced it is the sunshine that is working wonders on my mood. Even as dead tired as I am today I am still smiling.
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