A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Coming back from Ottawa was super-mega-quick. We left at 3:30pm from the ByWard Market and we had three pit stops (two 15 minutes each, and one 45 minutes) and I still arrived in Collingwood before 10:30pm.

Highlights of the weekend include: meeting up with Dana in Perth in the wet-wet-ick-cold-rain (but we didn't mind!), a brief but lovely visit with my cousin Suzanne & her boyfriend, buying bulk at Hershey's, Bethany's mom's cooking (Ukrainian everything: Perogie, Kaposzta, Cabbage Rolls, Kolbassa and more), a late night walk with lintyboi69 (and a Fantastic movie too), catching up with Martin et al at the http://www.ottawahostel.com, lunching with Marnie at http://www.haveli.com *yummyscrummytothemax*, and my katima-kids all on time and bright-eyed for everything... but most of all, it was nice to spend the better part of my weekend hanging out with people I love and feeling totally like myself again. It's the contrast --- these moments versus farm moments --- I don't think I really acknowledged how lost I was but now I feel so found. It's in the healing that I recgonize the extent, the depth, of the wound.

And Marnie is gleefully ticking off the myriad reasons for me to make another road-trip to Ottawa soon-soon.

(and yes, an Ani summer road-trip is also a good plan!)
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