A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

I had a really nice weekend in Montreal visiting Phil. I had a chance to have breakfast with Bruno (who I haven't seen since I got back from Halifax) and also to see Sarah (who I never see enough of these days).

Phil also introduced me to some of his friends and we spent the day together Saturday (well actually the day ended after 3am Sunday). And I had an awesome time. I was worried that perhaps ALL of Phil's friends were of the meathead variety that I had met on Friday night.

While out Friday, I met a former English Teacher of Phil's who was very interesting. Some of the stuff that we talked about inspired me to start writing again (well in the moment it did, but I've yet to actually physically manifest that feeling).

My sister came to pick me up at the bus last night. She's having good and bad days still and yesterday was more toward bad. I wish there was something more I could do to help. *sigh*

I am getting excited about starting my job in Toronto on the 14th. Nervous a bit too, which is weird. But mostly just anticipation!

More later. I am still just waking up (if you can believe that).
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