A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

writing a storm of words to march into the battleground of my mind and soul
a new beginning
I've jumped in now
both feet wet
but still not drowning
even though the swimming lessons don't start until mid-July
and what about everything else that's starting
or turning around to face the things that just ended
the goodbyes, the farewells
saying we'd keep in touch but knowing we wouldn't
never really putting pen to paper or voice to words
or words to feelings
or ever breathing deep full breaths
inhale exhale inhale exhale
the rain on a rooftop rhythm or your heartbeat
after the wind dies down
the squeaking sound of wet sneakers on cold linoleum
the warmth of the fire
but trudging the wood up from the basement
never reveling in the glow
not thinking or feeling at all
moving like a zombie
in and out of the room
up and down the stairs
counting the steps in any language you could conjure
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